Principles and Pitfalls of English Grammar

Chapter 11

Complete the following. For example, the answer to 1 is easily.

1. Climbing that mountain was easy. Yes, I tell you, we easily climbed that mountain.
2. Our memories of that performance will last long. Yes, for sure, we’ll remember that performance.
3. Lynton was faster than me in the race. You know, he always runs than me.
4. Her reaction was much kinder than mine. Yes, definitely, she reacted much than me.
5. The road to the beach is straight. As I said, the road leads to the beach.
6. What he said was not at all friendly. Yes, he did not speak at all.
7. Understanding you is difficult. I said, we can only understand you .
8. Henry’s excuses were cowardly. I mean, he made those excuses .