Principles and Pitfalls of English Grammar

Chapter 12

For each of the following, embed the second clause in the first, using the present participle.

1. I dislike it. You always scold the children.
I dislike you always scolding the children.

2. I have problems with it. I would like to make friends easily.

3. How can you justify it? He’s been given a week’s holiday when we’re so busy.

4. I really resent it. You’re always making eyes at my boyfriend.

5. We are so much looking forward to it. We will spend the summer with our friends from Sicily.

6. You’ll end up there. You will be put in jail.

7. It’s really worth it. You should read that book. (Start with ‘That book ...’)

8. I could hardly avoid it. I ran into him at the café.

9. I sometimes envisage it. I could tell her I love her.

10. They had no choice but to admit it. They had been defeated.

11. I enormously enjoyed it. You were so good to me!

12. The chairman proposed it. We would stop for a quick lunch.