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About is a website and a book for those who want to learn Spanish quickly, in a communicative and interactive way.

You prepare your group lessons with the digital part of the course material (preparation) on this website. The book is used at the group lessons. The exercises in the book give you an opportunity to put your preparation into practice. After the lesson you do more exercises on the website to assimilate what you have learned.
When you have finished all ten chapters of 1, you can manage in daily situations and have simple conversations. You will have reached level A1 of the CEFR. 1 was developed by Cristina Irún Chavarría and Nuria González Gutiérrez.


  • Prepare your group lesson on this website. Sign in (if you visit the website for the first time: enter the unique code that is on page 2 of your book), choose the right chapter, then select preparation. Each preparation consists of three parts: dialogue, grammar and vocabulary. After the preparation, you will be ready for your group lesson.
  • Use your book for the group lesson. You can find the audio files and the answers to the closed-ended questions at this website.
  • Do more exercises after the lesson. Go to this website, sign in, choose a chapter and select consolidation. Choose a topic: speaking, grammar, vocabulary or listening and understanding.
  • After you have done all the exercises, you can take a test. There is one test for each chapter on the website.