Principles and Pitfalls of English Grammar

Chapter 3

Insert the correct tense form of the verb enclosed in brackets after each example.

1. Yesterday I my hair with some strange stuff. (shampoo)
2. Last week we a new television set. (buy)
3. I you since the first moment I saw you. (love)
4. They in America for twelve years before they moved to Australia. (reside)
5. It was the weirdest sensation I ever . (have)
6. Traditionally, women responsibility for the household, but things are changing. (shoulder)
7. It was in 1914 that World War 1 out. (break)
8. Veronica Greek history and is now an expert. (study)
9. Ptolemy believed the sun around the earth. (revolve)
10. Philosophers the truth through profound reflection. (seek)
11. For twenty years the same parties in power. (be)
12. Bill every summer in Las Vegas; it’s ruining his family. (gamble)
13. Research carried out in 1966 that smoking was life-threatening. (show)
14. We are gathered to remember Peter Gatehouse, who this company in 1987. (found)