Principles and Pitfalls of English Grammar

Chapter 3

Insert the correct tense and aspect form of the verb enclosed in brackets after each example.

1. The manager can't see you now: he a visitor. (have)
2. I hate this turbulence. The pilot it on purpose, I’m sure. (do)
3. I better now that my contact lenses have been replaced. (see)
4. My upstairs neighbour horrible, loud rock music. (continually play)
5. Now the boss the grand old age of 64, he will retire next year. (reach)
6. Currently we with two different firms about our future. (negotiate)
7. I paid a visit to my parents since I to talk to them about spending a year in Britain to improve my English. (rather hope)
8. All I got was a lecture about how much I already them. (cost)
9. Ken has caught a nasty infection; that’s why he the doctor later today. (see)
10. These days my friends all so boring! (look)
11. Ever since she that assertivity course, she has questioned my every decision. (follow)
12. More and more, I with young people recently. (work)
13. You know, life just like that. (not work)