Principles and Pitfalls of English Grammar

Chapter 6

Select the best modal verb to insert in the slot in each of the following.

1. As a policeman, I n’t to accept that glass of whisky, but I will.
2. Cheer up, it never happen, you know!
3. Despite months of training and the best equipment, I just n’t make it to the top of Everest.
4. Excuse me, sir, I really need a cigarette. I smoke here?
5. Father is writing a book. The children n’t disturb him.
6. I remember when we were children. You always make me laugh.
7. Leave the magazine on the couch. I read it later if I feel like it.
8. Ok, honey, you go off to that concert if you really wanna go so much.
9. Poor old Henry, he never come for a drink after work ― his wife never let him!
10. That rope bridge looks a bit dangerous. We n’t use it.
11. The shop closes in five minutes. We just make it if we run like the wind.
12. This is a library, sir. You not talk here.