Principles and Pitfalls of English Grammar

Chapter 6

Fill in the word or expression that best expresses the intended meaning.

1. Informal desire: It’s getting late, honey. I really to go home now.
2. Formal desire: Good afternoon, I to make a formal complaint.
3. Polite desire: Hello, I to order two tickets for tonight’s concert.
4. Willingness: Of course, since you’ve always been a good friend to me, I happily help you.
5. Intention: I’ve made up my mind. I to emigrate. This country has nothing to offer me.
6. No objection: I wouldn’t ordering a plate of oysters.
7. Refusal: I sign any contract until I’ve consulted my lawyer.
8. Unwillingness: I listening to these insults for another second!
9. Courage: you climb down into the volcano? You’re crazy!